Sustainable Development Strategy

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Sustainable Development Strategy

Sustainable Development Strategy

In order to continuously improve the Company’s ESG level, COGO has formulated and put into practice the development strategy of “GO.ESG”. Through the concerted efforts of the five dimensions, COGO comprehensively promotes the deep integration of the sustainable development concept with the Company’s operation management, business practice and organizational culture, and strives to take the lead in ESG in the industry.


G: Governance
The ESG philosophy is infused into the top-level design. The Company improves the management system of corporate governance and sustainable development to ensure that the management and operation conform to the requirements of laws and regulations and business ethics. Communication and collaboration with stakeholders are maintained to ensure the stable operation of the risk management system.

O: Opus
The complete implementation of the sustainable development concept is realized in business practice. COGO, a master in engineering, builds the good product system of “12345” with ingenuity. The supervision of product quality is strengthened, and products and services are constantly updated to maintain excellent product competitiveness and industry leadership.

E: Environment
Environmental management is integrated into the overall development of the enterprise. COGO develops the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategy”, promotes green construction and green operation, and vigorously pushes the research and development and application of ultra-low energy consumption building technology, leading the zero-carbon development of the building and real estate industry.

S: Support
Employees’ rights and interests are protected and career development is promoted. A diverse and harmonious work culture is advocated and a comprehensive training system is implemented to create a fair, just and open environment for career development.

G: Group
The concept of sustainable development is promoted to the society, industry and supply chain partners. The Company is enthusiastic about social welfare, promoting rural revitalization, and continuously improving the supply chain management system. We are dedicated to building the responsible supply chain, actively support and promote the green transformation of the construction industry, to build an industry ecology of win-win cooperation.

Through the five-dimensional ESG strategic planning, COGO responds to all 28 ESG material topics and 17 UN SDGs: